One of the natural pearls

 of Iceland


Colorful mountains

between the Glaciers

Hofsjökull and Langjökull


Enjoy the red volcanic rhyolit

stone the mountains

are composed of


Heaven for photographers


Extremely colorful area



Take a hike in

breathtaking scenery


Warm up in

a natural hot spring


Rhyolite mountains

red, yellow and green


Highlands of Kerlingarfjöll –  Day Tour

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Road Map

Kerlingarfjöll are one of the natural pearls of Iceland, located in the highlands, between the Glaciers Hofsjökull and Langjökull in the center of Iceland.

The name Kerlingarfjöll means ‘Old Woman’s Mountain’, a name inspired by ancient folk tales. It is said that an old troll lady was caught out by the sunrise and therefore turned to stone. You can still see her silhouette carved in the 25 m high tuff stone pillar at Kerlingartindur peak.

Kerlingarfjöll 2010 - 07 - 20Kerlingarfjöll is a 1,477 m (4,846 ft)) tall mountain range in Iceland situated in the Highlands of Iceland. They are part of a large tuya volcano system of 100 km2 (39 sq mi) which was active some 70.000 – 300.000 years ago.. The volcanic origin of these mountains is evidenced by the numerous hot springs and rivulets in the area, as well as red volcanic rhyolite stone the mountains are composed of. Minerals that have emerged from the hot springs also color the ground yellow, red and green making the area extremely colorful and heaven for photographers.

Discover Wild Iceland is, one of Iceland’s leading Super Jeep Private Tours companies that offers day tours to Kerlingarfjöll, combined with an afternoon at the famous Geysir and Gullfoss at a time of day when other tourist traffic is low.



It is said that every nature photographer in Iceland has to go to Kerlingarfjöll due to the endless photo ops and the amazing colors.



Tour Details:



3rd person is free
Min 2 – Max 3 persons.
99.550 ISK per person
892 USD per person

In Reykjavík / Reykjanes from hotel or guesthouse around 8:00

Driver/tour guide

Not included:
Meals, Entrance fees

Lunch can be bought on the way.


10 – 12 hours.

c.a. June – Sept/Oct

Hiking shoes, dress warm because the weather in Iceland can change in matter of minutes. Bring your swimwear and towel if you want to swim at Kerlingarfjöll natural pond.







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