Going for a hot nice natural bath at Vatnajökull Glacier

On our tour “straight across” Iceland, we decided to drive to a hidden location where we could take a hot bath. We hadn’t taken a bath for several days and we were getting a little bit smelly and really needed a little bit luxury.  It took us around 4 hours in a heavy snow, getting stuck and so on to drive up there from our track and find the right canyon where the hot water is steaming out from under the Glacier Vatnajökull but it surely was worth it.

After we had been lying in the hot natural Spa for an hour or so we unpacked our grills and made ourselves a big nice fat Hamburger for celebration.

We were in no mood to carry on our driving that day so we slept overnight, took another bath early in the morning and on we went. It’s a great place both in winter and summer.

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More photos of Vatnajökull Glacier on Ice Stock Photo Store

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