Lómagnúpur – South

Lómagnúpur Mountain is a 688 metres high mountain located between the Kirkjubæjarklaustur village and Skaftafell area. It was formed over 1 million years ago and is largely made of palagonite, with lava beds and sediment making up the base. The environment around the mountain is spectacular, shaped from volcanic eruptions, glaciers and lakes. In 1789 there was an earthquake in the area and a big landslide loaded with large bergs and rocks occurred on the west side. The landslide is still visible from the farm Núpstaðir. Another smaller landslide, also visible today both as a scar in the mountain and also at the root of the mountain, occurred on the east side in 1988. It is an unstable creature and possibly as it is the home of large giants.

In the Coat of arms of Iceland there are four protectors of Iceland and one of them is a giant who lives in the cliffs by Lómagnúpur Mountain. He protects the south coast of Iceland from all evil that might come to land in the area.
Stories related to Lómagnúpur have been around for a long time. One of the oldest one is from the famous Saga, Njála. One of the main characters, Flosi who originally came up with the idea to burn Njáls farm, lived at Svínafell farm near the Svínafell glacier. In one of his dream, he saw a giant walk out from the mountains as it opened and named 25 men out loud, that ended up putting the flames to Njal’s farm. After that, he walked back into the mountain. Possibly the story has its roots in the fact that the cliffs are so steep and high that people feel dwarfed in the presence of the mountain and gave it a supernatural force.
Lómagnúpur is part of the Núpstadir Farmlands which is on the list of protected national heritage sites in Iceland.

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