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My Second Interview in LENS Magazine. 11 pages




Auglysing-fyrir-Mountain-BlaðiðThis issue is dedicated to the extreme subject of Mountain Photography and there you can find great Tips & Tricks for shooting incredible mountain photographs. Like they say “Interviews with Top Worldwide Photographers such as Rafn Sig,- the Icelandic Expert photographer and Tour Guide

In this issue the Lens Magazine have also interviews with the top Photographer and Adventurer Matt Baldelli and the Expert Photographer of the Himalayas Sujoy Das.
Visit Len’s Official Website: www.lensmagazine.net for more details and to buy the Magazine.

Read the article




















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Will at the BIG DOT Company has written a NEW BLOG

about my Photographing in the Creative Chair.



What is The Creative Chair and how do they identify them self’s?

The Creative Chair is a large and ever-growing collection of exclusive interviews with some of the World’s top creative people. Previous participants include:

Scott Belsky (Founder of Behance)
Brian May (Musician + stereographer)
Fabio Sasso (Senior Google designer)
Sir David Attenborough (Broadcaster)
Rankin (Prolific photographer)
Equal time is also given to previously unheard creative voices who have demonstrated enormous skill and have the potential to inspire others.

I thank you kindly Will that you find me and my work worthy your writings and its an honor for me.

Thank you ones more Will

You can see the Blog here by clicking the photo:

Interview with Rafn

Rafn Sigurbjornsson – “the contrast in landscapes are far beyond imagination”


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Just released 20 New Postcards

They can be bought all over th Ring road no 1. in Iceland


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The Schatz Family Calendar



_W4A3959Last year Discover Wild Iceland and my good friend Bessi at Moonwalker traveled with the Schatz family to Kerlingarfjöll and then I carried on to other beautiful places in Iceland.
Recently they send me there yearly calendar with lot of beautiful photos of Iceland.
Wow it’s always nice to know when you have done something good.
Thank you so much Holy, Mel, Whitney, Gary, Hunter, Melanie and Adam for a crazy good time and for this wonderful gift.
All the best to you guys =:-) <3




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Article about Rafn Sig,- Photographer
in the newest edition of WOW Air Magazine

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'Oops!...I Did It Again' I have ALL four front pages on the latest issue (31) of “Icelandic Times Magazine” =:-) Happy If you want to join me on a day tour or one of our private photography adventures in Iceland, feel welcome to check out available tours at our travel web www.discoverwildiceland.com

Oops!…I Did It Again
I have ALL four front pages on the latest
issue (31) of “Icelandic Times Magazine”
=:-) Happy

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Centerfold photo and article in
Veritas Arcana issue 2 – 2016 – Swedish
by Rafn Sig,-



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Discover Wild Iceland – Glacier Walk on Sólheimajökull

Sóheimajökull Glacier Adventure WalkThe other day my son Thorsteinn took me for a guided hiking tour on the icefall Sólheimajökull. I really must say he is goooooood . . . .  and what an experience. I really can recommend a tour like this as this is something you will never forget.
It’s like entering into another dimension, Woow.
Thorsteinn has worked in the tourism industry as a guide since 2013 were he specializes in activity based tours such as wilderness hiking, caving, glacier hiking and climbing. Having a considerable interest in geology and history he usually has a story ready up his sleeve.

Sóheimajökull Glacier Adventure Walk

“It‘s not just about getting there, but also about getting back so you can brag about it”

His official education Includes:
– Mountaineering (F.A.S.)
– Wilderness Aid ( Landsbjörg)
– Adventure sport certificate (Thompson Rivers Uni./Keilir)
– Wilderness first responder (Wilderness medical association)

Soon, Discover Wild Iceland will offer private tours on Sólheimajökull where Thor (Thorsteinn) will be your private guide and if you are interested just send us an e-mail to info@discoverwildiceland.com and we will send you a quota and tell you all about it.

Sóheimajökull Glacier Adventure Walk

Sóheimajökull Glacier Adventure WalkSóheimajökull Glacier Adventure WalkSóheimajökull Glacier Adventure WalkSóheimajökull Glacier Adventure Walk

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New article about Discover Wild Iceland tours

New blog article on Hitta Upplevelse ( Sweden ) about our tours at Discover Wild Iceland.
Bee my guest and look at it.


Hittaupplevelse.se drivs av företaget, Hittaupplevelse Halland Om Ni vill ha mer information om någon upplevelse eller boka en upplevelse ska Ni kontakta företagen direkt!
Deras kontaktuppgifter och länk till deras hemsida ligger med i deras presentationer.

Kontaktperson, Hittaupplevelse Halland; Carl Stridsberg. Grundare, ägare, redaktionellt ansvarig, foto & reportage. Godkänd för F-skatt – Org.nr: 510729-3598. Drivs som enskild firma.
E-post: carl at hittaupplevelse.se alternativt, carl.stridsberg at gmail.com – Mobil; 070-3622096


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More than 2.000 books of my
“Wild Iceland – The untouched nature”
books sold since May 2015

Thank you all for the great acceptance you have shown to my books and if you are out there and you don’t have the possibility to buy it here in Iceland, you can always drop me a line and I will send them to you. rafn@DiscoverWildIceland.com

All my “WILD ICELAND” books are now view able as FLIP BOOKS on my Discover Wild Iceland travel Web.
Feel welcome to study them before you order.
Or just for fun: http://www.discoverwildiceland.com/



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There is a short interview with Rafn Sig,- at the “The Photography Workshop”

TPW : Aims to provide High Quality Cutting Edge Education in Photography, Via Lectures, Courses, Atelier and Workshops. To serve the Community of Professionals, Amateurs, Hobbyists Creatives, Advertising community & Enthusiasts

Feel welcome to view it at: http://tpw.doesphotography.com/tpw-photographers-interview-series-70.html

Best regards

Rafn Sig,-


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More than 1.500 books of my “Wild Iceland – The untouched nature” sold since beginning of May.


I would like to use this opportunity to thank all of you for the great acceptance you have shown to my books and if you are out there and you don’t have the possibility to buy it here in Iceland, you can always contact my publisher at gg@vortex.is and he will send them to you.

Ones more I’m touched and I thank you deeply from my heart.

Rafn Sig,-



Wild Iceland – The untouched nature

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Inside photos and Wild Iceland books in
Veritas Arcana issue 2 by Rafn Sig,-





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Front page on Icelandic Times. Issue 25 by Rafn Sig,-

Article and some pictures inside.


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Just released Book no.5, 6, 7 and 8 in the series of Wild Iceland

“Westfjords”, “North”, “East” and “Highlands of Iceland” to the printer


This large isolated cape in the northwest is
connected to the rest of Iceland by a narrow
isthmus. The untouched, glacier-eroded landscape is characterised by steep mountains, deep fjords and majestic waterfalls cascading off cliffs. This mysterious region teems with wildlife, and the environment has survived relatively unspoiled as a result of the region’s isolation. Lowlands are limited and sparsely populated with small fishing villages. The Látrabjarg headland is the westernmost part of Iceland. The headland is Iceland’s largest sea cliff and is the home of millions of birds, including the puffin.

North Iceland

North Iceland
This magical region lies at the very edge of the Arctic Circle and teams with wildlife, powerful geothermal energy, furious glacial rivers, bright midnight sun and dancing aurora borealis
(northern lights). The area extends from the
bottom of the Hrútafjörður fjord to the Langanes peninsula. Numerous peaceful fjords can be found in this part of Iceland, with blossoming fields, active volcanoes, rich coastlines and protected national parks such as the wonderful Lake Mývatn and the Jökulsárgljúfur canyon area with Dettifoss, the most powerful waterfall in Europe. The capital of North Iceland is the charming town of Akureyri.

Highlands of Iceland

The central highlands of Iceland are the only truly uninhabited regions in Iceland, with an untouched and untamed environment. The spectacular
glacier-eroded landscape is breath-taking and diverse – black sand deserts, raw lava fields, calm lakes, white ice caps, the furrowed and
colourful mountains together with green oases dotted here and there. Iceland’s principal glaciers can be found here, including Vatnajökull, the
largest glacier in Europe. This is also one of
Iceland’s most volcanic regions, with growling
volcanoes just waiting to explode.

East Iceland

East Iceland
East Iceland boasts of many areas of great beauty, from the rugged wilderness and magnificent
glacier edges down to wide beaches and calm fjords. The coastline is relatively long, with many twisting fjords and cosy fishing villages here and there. The highlands near and north of Vatnajökull contain one of the most active volcanic regions in Iceland. The mountains framing the fjords are
colourful, and their high, snow-covered peaks are a sight to see. East Iceland is the only natural home of reindeer and also contains the country’s largest wooded area.



You can order them at gg@vortex.is


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 Four beautiful photographic books by Rafn Sig- will be published on the 10th of March 2015.


These four books form part of a series of eight called “Wild Iceland – The Untouched Nature”.

Each book focuses on the collection of the best of the sensational nature of the individual parts of Iceland; these four books contain photographs of the south, southwest, west and Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland.

Rafn Sig- is a photographer who has focused on the raw nature of Iceland since he was a young boy. The “Wild Iceland” books contain a small proportion of his best work from the past 30 years.
Each book is the size of a large postcard and is packed from cover to cover with over 130 pages of unique images from the magnificent land of ice and fire.

Language on the back cover: English, Danish, German and French
They can be purchased all over Iceland or ordered from the publisher: NB publishers.

1.995 IKr each + forwarding expense. Pls. write you name and address in the e-mail
(15 USD$ / 13,3 EUR )

Guðjón Guðmundsson +354 896 888 / gg@vortex.is or
Björk Harðardóttir +354 894 8667 / bjork@nordicgames.is
Rafn Sig,- Photographer +354 897 2108 /rafn@islandsmyndir.is


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Article and Opening picture in VERITAS – ARCANA


Forsida opna_2015-7Augl

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Often I’m asked to shoot for Travel agencies.

Yesterday’s (2014-01-29) project was in the highlands shooting for Arctic Trucks and Norðurflug helicopter service.
I really enjoy shooting for my fellow agencies.

Arctic Trucks og Norðurflug


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Joined forces

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Just got back from a great Travel and Photo Workshop tour to the
“Forgotten paradise of Iceland” – one of my favorite part -Westford’s.

If you want to enjoy the Northern lights and the unique winter light, be far from the noisy distraction, have all the time in the world for your photographing and explore the wilderness . . . . then, Join me for my next Photo/Photo Workshop tour in mid February 2015…..let me tailor-made your private adventure – contact me at islandsmyndir@gmail.com

Kollafjörður in Winter


Photos from Iceland

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