“I’ts all about LOVING it”

Rafn Sig,- (Rabbi) is well known freelance Icelandic photographer and tour operator who have focused on the raw nature and landscape since he was a young boy.

He has been hiking in the Icelandic highlands and low lands all his live and knows the nature and the hidden spots like a true native. Rafn is a self-educated photographer and has worked as a freelance photographer for more than thirty years.

He has got his photos published all over the world in numerous national and international publications, magazines, books, postcards as well on the internet Rafn lives his passion of photography by traveling, and exploring the raw nature of the rugged Iceland.

Rafn has published 8 photographic books called Wild Iceland – just as the company


Gjábakkahellir cave is 364 meter (1194 feet) long.

Þorsteinn Dagur Rafnsson
 – (Thor) Grew up traveling around Iceland, the first time he went on a glacier was in a baby chair in his father super jeep. Since then he has always continued to explore the endless marvels that the Icelandic Nature has to offer.

Þorsteinn has worked in the tourism industry since 2013 were he specializes in activity based tours such as wilderness hiking, caving, glacier hiking and climbing. Having a considerable interest in geology and history he usually has a story ready up his sleeve.

“It not just about getting there, but also about getting back so you can brag about it”

Official education Includes:
– Mountaineering (F.A.S.)
– Wilderness Aid ( Landsbjörg)
– Adventure sport certificate (Thompson Rivers Uni./Keilir)
– Wilderness first responder (Wilderness medical association)

“You can’t begin a journey if you don’t step out”

Discover Wild Iceland is a famely owned company and offers private and scheduled Photo/Photo workshop and Adventure tours from Reykjavik lasting from one to 14 days. The Adventure tours and photo/workshops are incredibly good value for money considering the small size of the groups and there professional attention.


“Photographs make us stand still for a moment in our fast moving world”

„Everyone who wish to experience the magic of Icelandic nature and landscape photography in a relaxed way should travel in a small groups, where each person can have enough time to take his photos and enjoy the beautiful landscape of Iceland.“
„I prefer to travel with small groups of maximum 3 adults in my 4×4 Mitsubishi super jeep pickup truck with 38 inch tires so we can almost go where we want… safely“ because It‘s all about Loving it!